Rotopower Engineers Pvt.Ltd. is an integrated Engineering company engaged in Turn Key Electrification and Asset Renting for last twenty five years. We provide services all over the country.
We not only rent but we undertake end to end solutions for your sites in Urban and remote rural areas.
RENT Logic
Diesel Generator Sets
Mobile Light Towers
Load Banks
  Deploy right Equipment for the Job Renting lets you fit the type and size of equipment without
    maintaining varied inventory.
  Customer Care No hassle of maintaining the equipment.
  Conserve Capital Rent the equipment you need and use your capital for other, potentially more
    profitable, ventures.
  The asset can often be replaced by a newer one, by upgrading at little or no extra cost
  Renting or leasing assets is tax efficient. The cost is deductible as a business expense.
    This is afactor in determining whether you should rent or lease an asset, rather than buy.
  Reduce Down Time If equipment breaks down, we take care of it promptly and you do not have to keep
    additional staff.
  Zero Cost of Repairs or up-keep All costs towards spares and services during the rent period are
    borne by us. You won't need a repair shop, spare parts inventory, mechanics, or extra staff.
  Save Disposal Costs All equipment runs into end of life cycle. It saves time and money in advertising,
    and selling used equipment.
  Cost Control Renting lets you simplify your bidding and billing, so you have just one accountable
    cost - the rental.
  Save On Storage/Warehousing You can significantly reduce your costs by eliminating the need for
    large equipment storage areas and buildings.
  Control Expenses Renting provides significant savings over buying, so you can improve your bottom
  You do not bear the risk that, when you have finished with the asset, its value has decreased below
    the amount you paid for it.
Managements are looking for ways to keep their operations cash positive. They also have the task of keeping operations efficient and this call for appropriate equipment for each project. By renting companies are becoming nimble footed and using latest equipment and keep their debt to equity ratios attractive.